These are always a little awkward. Like what do you say? Many who read this probably already know who I am. But for those who don’t. My name is Halie. I’m currently in college for government studies in hopes to work for the embassies. I’m 23 and just recently moved to Orlando. I’m obsessed with my pittbull Skye and recently got rid of social media for a while  and trying out blogging to see how it goes. I am hoping this blog will allow me to post my favorite recipes, places to go and just stories that I or someone I love have experience. 

I am really into exploring new things and going to new places. I enjoy wine and writing. I also enjoy trying to get healthier so this blog is also to help me with that. I am hoping one day to transfer this to a YouTube channel. Any who I hope you enjoy reading about my life. 


What the H E double hockey sticks has my life come too?

My life isn’t anything special. I’m the oldest of 3 girls, I come from a military family, my boyfriend is in the army, I live with him at his new duty station with our dog Skye, I work two jobs to stay busy, I have about 4 friends I actually really talk too and keep in contact with, I’m in and out of college due to personal reasons, my step mom abandon our family, while my mom and stepdad are college sweethearts that went 15 years without being with each other due to religion and family or and stubbornness (that story is for another time), but other then their crazy love story, my life is blehhh.

I don’t go to crazy parties that is Invite only, I don’t hop on a private jet to have lunch in NYC, I don’t wear name brand clothes (mostly due to me not being able to afford them), I’m not in great shape, hell I’m not even in shape unless you count round as one. My relationship isn’t story book perfect, and as much as my boyfriend means to me and all we’ve been through, i am constantly up at night wondering if he is really the “one”. At this very moment, as i write this post, he’s sound asleep next to me, taking up 2/3s of the bed, snoring away because he needs to be up early to get his new military ID before class. When I’m not at work, I talk to my dog and teach her tricks due to the fact I have no friends where I live. 

I am a huge people person and I blame that on my family. My mom is adopted and the oldest of 6 kids on her adopted side (My grandparents had a big heart) On her biological side, it is believed she has 2 sister’s and 5 brothers. (There might be more kids but no one is sure). My step dad is also the oldest of 6 but that’s due to them being good Catholics.  (If you don’t understand that sentence and what it has to do with being Catholic, Google it) while my biological dad, who interesting enough is also adopted but only the oldest of 2. We don’t even know his biological family. But because or my big family and things can never be done small for my family  (I had 200+ at my first birthday party. Like what the daummm), it has made me into a social butterfly. 

Yet it doesn’t explain the 4 friends situation. I’m someone who loves people, yes, but I am also someone who hates fakes. I use to have a ton of friend’s 2 years ago but due to some reasons I’m not legally allowed to say(at least that’s what I was told), I lost about all of them. Yet my four friends never left my side and were there usually when I needed them. 

J Is the one I’ve known the longest. (Keeping their names as just their first letter for their privacy). We meet in youth group 8 years ago and have been joined at the hips ever sense. She’s currently married to the man of her dreams, thanks to me. (Different story for later on) Due to him being military  (military police) they moves to United States personal hell for military, Ft.Polk,Louisiana or Ft. Puke as many of us call it in the military community. She’s going to school to be a teacher but as the bad friend I am, I honestly can’t remember what grade. All I know is elementary school. I was lucky enough to also be her Maid of Honor in their beautiful wedding. 

T and I met in history. I wouldn’t shut up while talking to her and here we are 8 years later, we are best of friends and I am now a beautiful aunt to an almost 1 year old girl. T is one reason why I am shocked I graduated high school. She is with an amazing man who isn’t only an amazing boyfriend but also an amazing daddy. Oh did i forget to mention I still haven’t shut up in the last 8 years haha. 

D was part of the group T and I belonged to in High school. She was in my homeroom class very first dayof High school and we have been friends sense. She crazy, obnoxious, rude, also the 2nd person I know who can out tall me, but also the most loving person ever and I would never change her. Also thanks too Her, I am also an aunt to her beautiful almost 1 year old girl.  She is also engaged to a wonderful man and they are too be married in a few months. 

Lastly is S. And I can tell you S is actually her name we all call her. I meet S in the library basement of our college 2 years ago and every sense then we have been inseparable. Her love life before meeting her current bf soon to fiance was a hot mess and I was lucky enough if I could keep up with it. I actually have a book I kept every mans name in and occupation that she talked too or was seeing. And trust me the pages were full. She finally met this amazing soldier, C, and he was the one who stole her heart. No one ever thoughtit would happen, but he did and I am still in shock. But come next fall, they will be planning a wedding.  He’s deploying soon and he told her once he gets home, he’s proposing to the girl of his dreams(that’s S y’all) 

So too many my life might look okay but too me it’s not. I had a 10 yr plan to which has gone to shit. I can’t finish college due to one document my mom refuses to sign, I’m pretty sure I picked the wrong man back in February, I envy the lives my friends have, I don’t sleep and my bank account is at$15.87. Did I mention I have rent due in 8 days?


I was always terrified of pitt bulls. I never wanted one and I didn’t really wanna be near them either. Yet Skye stole my heart. She is the most gentle, sweetest, most beautiful dog I have ever met. She loves cuddles, kisses , walks, playing, and most of all sleeping. 

I am hoping this blog will help people change their minds about pitt bulls. 

She one of the most energetic puppy too. She loves kids and is super protective. While she might not love baths. You gotta admit she looks super cute in her towel.

I could not even begin to imagin life with out her.